Each website uses cookies. Their purpose is to provide you with the best possible user experience during your visit to the website. Read how cookies are used on our website


Under the term cookies, you can imagine a small amount of data that is sent as a file to your computer (tablet, smartphone) from the website you are currently visiting. The data file is saved on your computer, and every time you visit the same website, your computer sends information to our server.

This will allow the cookie to identify the website if you have visited it in the past and which pages you have visited. At the same time, they are just cookies, thanks to which you can save your user settings.


Most websites, including our company’s website, use cookies. The purpose of cookies is to make the use of our website easier and more pleasant for you. If you are on our website for the first time, we draw your attention to the use of cookies via a cookie bar, on which you can express your consent to the use.


You are free to delete cookies or pre-set your browser so that it either refuses to accept cookies or notifies you when the server tries to send you a cookie.

However, then it may happen that websites that depend on the support of cookies will not work as you imagined, or that parts of the site will not be available to you.

What types of cookies do we use?

We use two types of cookies on the website

Relational cookies, which are automatically deleted the moment you leave our site. They help you view the site correctly when you visit it.

Persistent cookies that are stored and may contain an anonymous identifier of your browser.

However, even these cookies do not in themselves identify you as an individual, they only identify access to the site and the behavior of users accessing from a certain device (computer, tablet, smartphone). All data is anonymous, especially for the purposes of site usage statistics.

Permanent cookies are mainly used for measurement and advertising.

The tracking cookie is intended to detect repeated visits to our website from the same browser on the same device and to monitor visitors’ activity when browsing the site.

Advertising cookies allow you to display targeted advertising on our website and other websites on the Internet that are involved in this advertising system. Targeted advertising is displayed based on the behavior of anonymous users or groups of users on the website, thanks to the identification of their browser, as described above. For example, if you last searched for an SEO optimization or website creation service, the next time you visit, targeted advertising is likely to offer or remind you of that service.

Possible other types of cookies can still be used, for example, for the proper functioning of our services, in questionnaire research or to test parts of the website and its functionality. All this helps us to increase the quality of services and the satisfaction of our customers.


Most internet browsers are automatically set to accept cookies. You can change this setting by blocking cookies or by notifying you if cookies are to be stored on your device. Instructions for changing cookies can be found in the “help” option of each browser. If you use different devices to access the site (eg computer, smartphone, tablet), we recommend that you adapt each browser on each device to your cookies preferences.


Most mobile devices are automatically set to allow the use of an ad ID. You can change this setting in the device settings. For instructions on changing the settings, see the user guide for your device’s operating system.


The use of cookies and their permission in the web browser is up to you.

However, if you change their settings, some of our websites may have limited functionality and reduced user comfort.

Setting an ad ID will not affect the functionality of mobile applications or websites. When turned off, your ads will continue to show, but they will not reflect your needs and interests and may be less useful to you.

Google Analytics

Collects a summary of data about user behavior on the web in order to improve and improve the usability of the website. Cookies are used to identify a given user using a random string of numbers, which is created for the given user on the first visit.

Google Tag Manager

The tool serves as an aggregator of scripts and commands, which it runs according to set rules. Google Tag Manager itself uses the so-called Cookies only to identify the website in which it was inserted.

Google Ads

It ensures the complete course of the advertising campaign and subsequent retargeting on these users.